This service has been one of our specialties for more than 35 years ago, providing all the solutions that fit the needs of collectors and for those that have built a business around their passion.

Stamp Dealers and Auctioneers

Specialist products for specialist dealers, retailers and auction houses. Managed by professionals with a wealth of experience, we provide insurance policies tailor-made, including all risks, providing cover for your merchandise both at your premises and outside of it (exhibitions, auctions…), when personally conveyed and for sendings by courier company, entrustments to third parties. A dedicated account handler is assigned to manage each client portfolio, creating a solid working relationship and removing day-to-day contact hurdles. We have flexible policies to cater any last minute increases or special requirements.


Stamps and philatelic items

Our special product for stamp collectors was developed and tailor-made by philatelists for philatelists, together with Lloyd’s of London. As a result we are able to meet the individual needs and requirements of each stamp collector.

Apart from providing All Risks Insurance coverage for the philatelic material at the home premises or in a bank vault, the same policy can be extended to include exhibitions, postal sendings and personally accompanied transports, whether  in Germany, Europe or Worldwide.

The HWI Group is the world’s leading broker for philatelic insurances and many trade associations have appointed us as their official insurance broker including:

  • American Philatelic Society, USA
  • Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria, Australia
  • Fédération Française des Associations Philatélique, France
  • Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, New Zealand
  • The Philatelic Traders Society Ltd., Great Britain

Stamp Collectors

As one of the world’s leading collector insurance brokers, no matter what your passion is, whatever you collect, we take care of your insurance needs with bespoke insurance policies that provide first-rate coverage. We understand the needs of our customers and enjoy the support of a wide range of international insurers.


Stamp Collectors

With more than 30 years of experience, the HWI Group can provide tailored insurance even for the smallest collection.

Our products include:

  • Collectors insurance
  • Short Term exhibition insurance